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Your kitchen or bathroom is feeling way too cramped?

There’s barely any storage space thanks to the lack of functional drawers, things are stored willy-nilly, and every time you open a cupboard, you’re accosted by an avalanche of stuff.

Do you feel you are ready to throw the towel?

But what if we told you that you don’t have to move, you just need to give your kitchen or bathroom a retrofit.

The Signs It’s Time for More Space

Do you live in an apartment or house and you don’t have enough space?

Or perhaps you own a condo or detached house that was poorly designed. Either way, here are some ways to tell if it’s time for a kitchen or bathroom retrofit:

There’s literally no space for anything

You want to buy more nifty kitchen supplies to make your life easier… but you have nowhere to put them.

Each drawer is overflowing, and what you do have gets lost in the abyss. Plus, all of your heavy items are stored in high places, and you either can’t reach them or can’t lift them down.

Your drawers are hard to open and close

You know what’s the worst? Breaking a sweat every time you go to get something from a cabinet.

You have to play tug o’ war to get it open, and then throw your whole body weight into shoving it closed.

Psst…Our Drawers Qualify For The Home Renovation Tax Credit for Seniors & Persons with Disabilities

To be eligible for the Home Renovation Tax Credit For Seniors & Persons With Disabilities, you must be over the age of 65 or have a disability.

The credit applies to any sort of renovation or alteration of a space that makes it easier to move around in and decreases any physical risk, such as:

Harm from yanking on hard-to-open drawers
Tripping over poorly designed cabinets
Injury from dropping heavy objects that are stored in high places

Our rollout, soft-close drawers are designed for easy function and accessibility. Not only are they perfect for storing heavy objects, but they’re also out of the way and space-efficient.

Rollout drawer installation chilliwackRollout drawer installation chilliwack

Taylor Made’s 3 Solutions Tailored For You

We NEVER abandon a project

In fact, we’ve taken on many projects that were abandoned by other companies.

We know firsthand how frustrating and downright outrageous abandoned work is, and there’s no way we’d ever do that to you.

Our build process takes roughly 2 days

once all of the material we need is delivered, it takes a couple days for your kitchen or bathroom to be retrofitted – less if you only want minor changes.

We only use high-quality material

We use GRASS brand slides and hinges, Richelieu Hardware for other fittings and interior upgrades (like lazy susans)

As for our drawers, they are made in house and are designed to soft close. They won’t be slamming into place and breaking down anytime soon!

Save money and getting more space is possible.


If you retrofit your home yourself, you have to purchase the necessary supplies.

The material you buy has an added cost of PST – when you go through us, there’s no PST tacked onto your bill. You’re saving money AND your own time!

Did you now you can add drawers where there are none? 

Custom made

Custom-made to fit your cabinet and installed where you get the most benefit from our drawers. Mounted on full extension soft close slides they make your day-to-day life a breeze.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Or Closets, Oh My!

Rollout Drawer Installation

Our favourite service, simply because of how life-changing it is!

Our drawers make any space up to 5x more efficient and are designed to open smoothly and close softly.

Rollout drawer installation chilliwack
Rollout Drawers Chilliwack Abbotsford Kitchen Cabinets

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