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Over 27 years ago, Don Edwards noticed something missing in the cabinetry industry.

There was no trust. It was normal for projects to be abandoned, normal for phone calls to get ignored, and normal for prices to change by the hour.

He decided to launch his own company after the one he worked for folded, and thus, Taylor Made Kitchens was born, created to fill the void in the industry.

“I most enjoy helping people get better use of the space in their home.”

– Don Edwards, Owner of Taylor Made Kitchens.

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Retrofitting kitchen cabinets with rollout drawers has become hugely popular with homeowners in the past few years, according to Don Edwards, owner of Taylor Made Kitchens. “It can make such a huge difference in someone’s day-to-day life”, Edwards said. “Installing a drawer system is faster and less expensive for clients looking for access or storage solutions.”

“The drawer is essentially a box on slides.” His downtown business on Railway Avenue has been shifting away from a focus on kitchen cabinet replacements, to an emphasis on retrofitting and custom kitchens in recent years. “Our drawers make any space up to 5 times more efficient, and are designed to open smoothly and close softly.”

The rollout drawers are so well-made, you couldn’t slam them shut if you tried. And that’s not by accident, but by design. One of the features is a “soft-close” mechanism built right into your drawers with the Grass® brand slide and hinge systems, according to Edwards. These features have been almost life-changing in scope for some customers. In the past couple of years, he’s heard from several satisfied customers describing just how happy they are, after undergoing a retrofit of some sort.

“They find it costs less and takes less time,” Edwards said about the retrofit changes featuring drawers or sliding shelves, compared to a new installation. Edwards started his cabinetry on Railway Avenue years ago, naming it after his son, Taylor. He figures he has managed to last so long and thrive by providing high-quality work, and the personal touch for clients. Sometimes homeowners will come to him for help with brand-new kitchens that feature large pantry spaces.

“They’ll find there’s no way to use the pantry space efficiently. So we go in and pull out the shelves and install the drawers.” That makes it easier for homeowners to access everything in the pantry, which is a help since many of his clientele are older adults who may struggle to reach items at the very back of their cabinets. Some seniors purchasing a drawer system from Edwards can qualify for the home renovation tax credit for seniors over 65, and persons will disabilities. The credit applies to a renovation or alteration of a space that makes it easier for the individual to move around in and decreases any physical risk, such as:

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    Harm from yanking hard-to-open drawers.
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    Tripping over poorly designed cabinets.
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    Injury from dropping heavy objects.

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