Curious What Taylor Made’s All About?

Learn More About The Brands We Use
& Our Code Of Conduct

“I most enjoy helping people get better use of the space in their home.”

— Don Edwards, Owner

A Brief History Of Taylor Made

Over 25 years ago, Don Edwards noticed something missing in the cabinetry industry.

There was no trust. It was normal for projects to be abandoned, normal for phone calls to get ignored, and normal for prices to change by the hour.

He decided to launch his own company after the one he worked for folded, and thus, Taylor Made Kitchens was born, created to fill the void in the industry.

Wondering How Long It Takes To Change Up Your Home?

You can see it now – your kitchen in shambles, tools strewn everywhere, slabs of countertop leaning against the walls…you shudder to think of it.

It’s easier to handle chaos in your home when you know how long it’s going to be stuck like that. Here’s how long each type of project takes:

Rollout Drawer Installation

Material Delivery: 1-2 Weeks
Installation: 3-4 Hours

Taylor Made’s
Code Of Conduct

It’s crucial to feel comfortable with who is in your home. Here are the values we follow every time we step foot in someone else’s space:

Respect The Property We’re In

We keep our workspace tidy, and lay blankets down on your floors to protect them.

Build A Space You Feel At Home In

Whether you’re just changing the colour of your cabinets or installing a new kitchen, it’s our goal to give you a space you feel proud of.

Always Finish The Job

We NEVER abandon jobs. Once your project is started with us, you can rest easy knowing it will be completed 100%.

Get To Know
The Brands We Use

Quality material means long-lasting retrofits. Here are the brands we use for each project:


GRASS was established in Germany over 65 years ago. They quickly became leaders in the cabinetry industry with their slide and hinge systems.

Visionary development, top-quality production, environmentally friendly processes, and precise technology has made their product the perfect choice for Taylor Made.


Richelieu is a giant in the specialty hardware industry. They first launched in 1968, and now have over 66 distribution centres in Canada and the United States.

Taylor Made uses their fittings and interior upgrades, such as lazy susans.

Psst…Our Drawers Qualify For The Home Renovation Tax Credit for Seniors & Persons with Disabilities

To be eligible for the Home Renovation Tax Credit For Seniors & Persons With Disabilities, you must be over the age of 65 or have a disability.

The credit applies to any sort of renovation or alteration of a space that makes it easier to move around in and decreases any physical risk, such as:

Harm from yanking on hard-to-open drawers
Tripping over poorly designed cabinets
Injury from dropping heavy objects that are stored in high places

Our rollout, soft-close drawers are designed for easy function and accessibility. Not only are they perfect for storing heavy objects, but they’re also out of the way and space-efficient.

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