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Rollout Drawer Installation

Our favourite service, simply because of how life-changing it is!

Our drawers make any space up to 5x more efficient and are designed to open smoothly and close softly.

Rollout drawer installation chilliwack
Rollout Drawers Chilliwack Abbotsford Kitchen Cabinets

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Wondering How Long It Takes To Change Up Your Home?

You can see it now – your kitchen in shambles, tools strewn everywhere…you shudder to think of it.

It’s easier to handle chaos in your home when you know how long it’s going to be stuck like that. Here’s how long each type of project takes:

Rollout Drawer Installation

Material Delivery: 1-2 Weeks
Average Installation: 3-4 Hours


If you retrofit your home yourself, you have to purchase the necessary supplies.

The material you buy has an added cost of PST – when you go through us, there’s no PST tacked onto your bill. You’re saving money AND your own time!

Psst…Our Drawers Qualify For The Home Renovation Tax Credit for Seniors & Persons with Disabilities

To be eligible for the Home Renovation Tax Credit For Seniors & Persons With Disabilities, you must be over the age of 65 or have a disability.

The credit applies to any sort of renovation or alteration of a space that makes it easier to move around in and decreases any physical risk, such as:

Harm from yanking on hard-to-open drawers
Tripping over poorly designed cabinets
Injury from dropping heavy objects that are stored in high places

Our rollout, soft-close drawers are designed for easy function and accessibility. Not only are they perfect for storing heavy objects, but they’re also out of the way and space-efficient.

Rollout drawer installation chilliwackRollout drawer installation chilliwack

The 4-Step Process To Jazzing Up Your Space

Step #1: Decide What You Want

Okay, this one is pretty straightforward. Do you feel more space at home?

If the answer is yes, then make a list of rooms you feel you like to retrofit.

Step #2: Space Evaluation

Once you know what you want, contact us to set a Space Study appointment!

A Space Study is quick and easy – we come in, look at the space you want to retrofit, give some educated suggestions, and then head out to hit the drawing board.

Step #3: Quote

You’ll receive a quote on your project 48 hours after your Space Evaluation – sometimes less.

There’s a possibility to sit down with us to revise your project’s details if we haven’t ordered anything yet. The moment you approve the quote and design, you pay a deposit and we begin organizing materials!

Step #4: The Build

The last step – once everything is in, we arrive on-site and retrofit your home.

Read below for build times!